What our customers are saying...

I have several dogs and a beautiful yard.  I have tried everything to eliminate the yellow spots from my dogs that are decorating my lawn.  I’ve tried every remedy in the pet stores, spoke to the vet, tried the tomato and  bicarb diet and nothing has worked.  I read in the Milwaukee Journal that your product was a new one on the market and when they tested it, it actually worked!  I ordered some right away, but didn’t get my hopes up.  It was very easy to apply to the lawn.  Then I waited for the spots to appear and none appeared!!!  It worked!!!!!  I have used it all summer and had excellent results.  This is the first time in years that I’ve had a beautiful, spot-free lawn.  I will continue to buy your product.

 Marcy, Sheboygan WI.


I sell Rascal Spots in my shop in Jamestown.  I had a customer ask me if it would work for smells in an outdoor kennel area.  She called back several weeks later and said that if applied once a week, it greatly reduces the odor! I also use Rascal Spots on my own lawn at home and my lawn has never been greener!  I always have terrible damage to the lawn in the spring, and Rascal Spots is a much more effective way to bring back the lawn! The thing I like best about Rascal Spots is that it is all natural and I don't have worry about my great dane and two basset hounds being harmed. Thank You Rascal Spots!!

Crystal, Jamestown ND


I don't have a Facebook account and don't care to, but I love your product. Not only is your company extremely responsive when contacted with any little problem, but it has made it much easier to grow new grass. We have a 100lb. female golden lab who has destroyed our lawn, we've had bad winters, (Wisconsin) and that alone plus put her in the mix and it was very hard to grow new grass. Since we've been applying your product, the lawn comes in faster, is sturdier and grows thicker. Thank you!

Cheryl, WI

I bought your product and wanted to let you know it is GREAT.  We have my daughter staying with us and they have 2 BIG dogs. My lawn was totally ruined after 4  months. I have been re-seeding non-stop.  My lawn has no more spots after 1 month  and is greener than it has ever been in the middle of the summer. I will put a second treatment on Labor Day to just let it work long term.  You need to get your product into Lowes or Home Depot.  I would be your best salesperson!!!   Thanks Again.

Jeff, Puyallup WA


Since moving in to our new house it has been a constant battle to try and keep our yard looking green and healthy. Rascal Spots is the ONLY, and I repeat, ONLY product out there that neutralizes the yellow and burned spots on our lawn. After trying every product on the market we finally have found something that allows us to enjoy a green and beautiful lawn!   

Adam  Hamilton Woodland Hills


I don't know how you do it, but your product really works!  I have only been using Rascal Spots for a few weeks, but the results are amazing.  You now have another customer for life ... and I have been telling everyone I know about this wonderful product ... Thanks!  

Tom, Encinitas CA


I seeded and fertilized our yard today.  I should have read my flyer before I seeded.  I see that I can seed immediately after I apply RascalSpots. My question is: can I apply RascalSpots immediately after I seed?

BTW, I never would have thought I would have as much green in my yard as I do now.  Thank you for a wonderful product.

Thank you. Karen B


I am so happy with your product. I must admit is was sceptical at first. My landscaper and many others before him said there was nothing else I could do about the brown spots. My grass had become so much worse this summer. I have two female dogs and I was even considering tearing out the grass. I have noticed a huge difference in three weeks. I have a few spots remaining, but the bulk of them are gone. My husband even noticed. He said our grass looked like it had crop circles before.

Thanks so much.

 Susan Y