Frequently Asked Questions

The product is not flowing from the bottle and stops running after about 1 minute even when the bottle fills full.

If you are having problems having the product to flow out of the bottle, remove applicator head from bottle, remove siphon pipe from applicator then cutting end off at 90 degrees angle and return to applicator head. Retry.

I saw your article in the Forum last week and am very interested in you product. I have two large Yellow Labs that destroy my yard and every spring when snow melt is gone I have very large spots that I always re-seed. My question in that this year I might use a spray lawn fertilizer company for some broadleaf weed issues and am wondering if using them would counter act your results. Looking forward to hearing from you.

You will not counteract your professional lawn treatment with Rascal Spots. Rascal Spots can be used with any yard product such as fertilizers and weed killers. We only recommend applying on a separate day.Without seeing your yard it is hard for me to say if you need to reseed or not, but it will not harm the effectiveness of Rascal Spots. My advise would be to add seed in the center of the larger areas just prior to applying Rascal Spots. Make sure it is lightly raked in then apply RS and water for good germination. Some other ideas include using fescue and perennial rye grass. They are the most tolerant varieties of lawn grass. Also giving the areas a good watering on a regular basis will help the grass grow through the damage. Rascal Spots will be a big help in the revival of the lawn with the dual action ammonia nitrate consuming bacteria and Humates/wetting agents to remove salts. If you have any more questions please right or call.

Have two dogs and smaller back yard. Will your product green-up brown spots that were caused from last fall to now?

Yes, RascalSpots will take care of any yellow spots you have on your lawn even from last fall.

I just purchased your product. Can't wait to use it but I just had my lawn professionally fertilized. How long do I have to wait? Also the bottle says to water lawn after application, does that mean immediately after or to wait a day or so and then water?

If it has been more then a day, feel free to put RascalSpots on your lawn. There should be no interaction between them. As far as watering, give it a lite watering right after, then just water or natural rainfall is adequate.

Can we buy RascalSpots in Canada?


Can your product be purchased in any store?

Yes, the list of stores carrying RascalSpots is growing. Thank you for your interest. please check out In these Stores page to see where RascalSpots is carried. If you would like it in your favorite pet store or Veterinary clinic, please tell them about us. You can always buy it online at

Is RascalSpots safe for my kids and pets?

RascalSpots is safe for pets and kids. It is an all-natural product. It contains nitrogen-consuming bacteria, humates and a wetting agent that reduces water surface tension holding salts, allowing grass re-growth in the damaged areas without reseeding.

Do you have an Affiliate or Associates' Program?

Yes we do. As an associate, we will provide you with your own unique promo code that you can pass on to your clients. Your clients will get 10% from any order online and you will get 20% credit for every sale. You do not have to carry any inventory. You will receive a check when your balance reaches $50. If you are still interested, please send me your business name and will setup the associate program for you.This program has been very successful for Lawn and Landscapers, Realtors, Veterinary clinics, dog grooming stores. If you are interested, please see out associates page for more information.